FSA reports, transparency data and accounts

Latest FSA annual reports, transparency data and accounts, including information on procurement.

Transparency data

Publication of all GPC transactions

The Food Standards Agency publishes all Government procurement card (GPC) transactions. This supports the Government's drive for transparency and the Agency's own core value of openness and transparency.

FSA spending controls - approved exemptions

As part of the government's commitment to greater transparency, the FSA publishes quarterly data summaries of expenditure approvals for ICT, advertising and marketing, recruitment, property and consultancy controls.

Workforce management information

The Food Standards Agency is publishing workforce management information in line with the Government's drive for transparency.

Procurement and contracts


The Food Standards Agency buys goods and services in line with UK Government and European Union (EU) policy requirements.

Business reports

Annual report and accounts

The annual report reviews our achievements in each year and provides details of our financial accounts.

Chief Scientific Advisor Science Reports

The Chief Scientific Advisor Science Reports are a series of regular updates that aim to give you a greater understanding of our science and insights into some of our cutting edge work.

Annual Report of Incidents

For a number of years, the Food Standards Agency has published an Annual Report of Incidents, typically each June. This release indicates how many food incidents the FSA handled in a given year, and what action was taken to protect consumers.

Help and website policy


How to get the most from the Food Standards Agency website including advice on browser settings and information on accessibility standards.

Our website takedown and amendment policy

This page sets out the circumstances in which content is taken down (archived) from our website. Archived content can be accessed on The National Archives web archive as it takes regular snapshots of the site.

Annual website report

Annual website report providing usage, accessibility and satisfaction ratings data.

Handling disclosures