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We are responsible for ensuring European Union wine regulations are enforced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We maintain the UK Vineyards Register.

~~Harvest 2017 Announcement: DEFRA has confirmed that the suspension of the annual requirement to submit Harvest Declarations (WSB12 form) is being continued for 2017.  This means that grower vineyards, that is vineyards without a winery that have their wine made under contract elsewhere or who sell their grapes to other producers do not need to submit a Harvest Declaration for 2017.

However it is important to note that Production Declarations (WSB21 form) ARE REQUIRED and should be submitted before 15 January 2018.  If you have your own winery or produce wine under contract for other vineyards, you will need to submit a Production Declaration.

Production Declarations can be found using the following link: and can be submitted electronically or in writing as per the guidance notes on the front page of the form.

Our enforcement activities, which are intended to safeguard the quality, authenticity and correct labelling of wine products, apply to all premises and traders within the production and distribution chain, including bottling plants, bonded warehouse, importers, wholesalers and vineyards. We also maintain the UK Vineyards Register which records the area covered by vineyards and the annual harvest and production returns from growers and producers.

 Enforcement of the wine regulations at retail premises comes under the control of Local Authorities (mainly Trading Standards Departments). Local Authorities also administer the Liquor Licensing requirements (Personal and Premises Licences).


Our objectives

  • to encourage growers and traders to comply with laws on wine by offering advice and education
  • to carry out a programme of inspections, using risk analysis to deliver a targeted and cost-effective and service
  • to identify breaches of the law and gather evidence for legal action in serious cases
  • to work closely with other regulatory bodies

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