Imported feed and food controls audits

The Agency carried out a programme of focused audits in March 2008 on a number of authorities with ports/points of entry in their area, as well as authorities with significant imported food business operators.

The programme included those authorities reporting low levels of import activity to ensure that they have an accurate assessment of local import trade and that an appropriate level of control could be implemented in the event of a change in established trading patterns.

These audits are part of the Agency’s aims to improving consumer protection and confidence in relation to food.

The enforcement of UK food/feed law relating to food safety, hygiene, composition, labelling, imported food and feed is largely the responsibility of local authorities environmental health and trading standards services.

Import controls at the point of entry on food/feed of animal origin are not within the scope of this audit. These products are subject to controls at designated Border Inspection Posts, which have separate audit arrangements conducted by Animal Health (an executive of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).