Food sampling videos

The food sampling videos cover the principles of food sampling for official food analysis and can be used alongside our guidance material on sampling.

Sampling objectives

Sampling for analysis

Sampling for microbiological examination

Checklist for food sampling videos

Before going sampling
1. Does the Public Analyst/Food Examiner need to know the sample is coming?
2. Have you got your authorisation/warrant card?
3. Have you got the correct labels, forms, seals and equipment?
4. Is any specialised sampling equipment needed?
5. Do you need any specialised clothing?

When taking sample
1. What information should be taken about the food?
2. What do you need to tell the company that owns the food?
3. Is the security of the sealing procedures adequate?
4. Do you know how to transport the sample?
5. Do you know how to store the sample?