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Would you like to have a say in how we shape our policies? Here’s your chance. This section is for consumers, food businesses, local authorities and anyone interested in the work of the FSA. We want you to tell us how our proposals – both legislative and non-legislative – might affect you and your work.

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In the early development stages of policy, your feedback will help us when we are negotiating proposals in Europe and before we launch any formal consultation in the UK. We aim to provide timely updates on how your feedback has shaped our proposals and how we will take proposals forward. This will normally include publishing a summary of responses received. We will not publish any personal data, such as your full name.

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Current proposals

Previous proposals and notifications

Views wanted on Open Data and FSA Meat and Dairy Hygiene Operations

This paper sets out the FSA Operations Directorate proposed approach to publishing the data sets relating to meat and dairy hygiene for which it is responsible and the timetable for that publication, whilst reflecting the commercial and privacy concerns of individual Food Business Operators and FSA staff.

Views wanted on Novel Food Applications

Two companies have applied to the Food Standards Agency for approval to market their novel food products in the EU under the Novel Food Regulation (EC) 258/97. Views are wanted on the two applications to inform the assessment of these products. Comments are invited by 16 April 2017.

Views wanted on safety guidance for food sold over the internet

The FSA has produced a number of draft guidance products designed to increase the safety of food sold over the internet. We welcome your feedback before they are formally launched. Publications cover consumer advice for buying food online, advice to businesses selling food online, guidance for local authorities and Q&A.

Commission proposal on GM food and feed

A summary of responses are available on a European Commission proposal to amend Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 on genetically modified (GM) food and feed. The proposal would allow the UK and other member states to restrict or ban the use of authorised GM food and feed products for non-safety reasons within their territory.

Sprouts and seeds intended for sprouting: question and answer guidance

We are seeking views on guidance for local authorities and for food business operators that produce sprouts and seeds intended for sprouting. We have developed the guidance, which is in question and answer format, following the introduction of measures to enhance controls following the 2011 outbreak of E.coli O104:H4 in Germany and France.

National coordinated food sampling programme: partnership between FSA and NTS

The Food Standards Agency and National Trading Standards (NTS) have agreed in principle to set up a partnership for the delivery of the national coordinated food sampling programme covering food standards issues. This builds on the successful delivery of the feed surveillance programme by the NTS in 2014/15. Local authorities may already have seen the message from NTS on this dated 18 June.

Guidance on the testing of milk for antibiotic residues

Updated FSA guidance on the testing of milk for antibiotic residues has been published after a routine review. The review took into account the recommendations made following the European Commission Food and Veterinary Office audit of official controls related to the milk and dairy sector. The audit took place in April 2013.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has again made funding available to enforcement authorities for sampling and surveillance of food.

A revised policy for the transport of warm (above temperature) meat

A proposal consulted on in 2013 resulted in a revised policy to align FSA authorisation to transport warm (above temperature) meat from domestic ungulates, more closely to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. The policy applies from 2 March 2015. Domestic ungulates are hoofed animals, and these include cattle, pigs and sheep.

Food chain information and equines for slaughter for human consumption

A proposal consulted on in 2014 has resulted in a new requirement: a model food chain information document for horses, ponies and donkeys (these animals are collectively known as equines) must be used to provide relevant information to food business operators at slaughterhouses.

Lead in ducks and geese proposal

Proposal to revoke the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Lead in Ducks and Geese) (England) Order 1992 by means of the Food Protection (Emergency Prohibitions) (Lead in Ducks and Geese) (England) (Revocation) Order 2015.

Proposed data sharing policy

We are seeking your views on a proposed data sharing policy. This would mainly affect the food business operators who are the data subjects, local authorities, and other organisations that the FSA shares data with.

Impact of mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in England

As highlighted in the FSA’s strategy for 2015-2020, we favour extending mandatory display of food hygiene ratings at food outlets to England. We are currently gathering evidence to inform the case we will present to the Government for consideration. We are also developing an impact assessment (IA) setting out the costs and potential benefits of introducing a statutory scheme.

The adulteration of food: setting thresholds for action and reporting

We aim to formalise our approach by establishing a clear protocol for how we work with food businesses and other enforcement agencies in response to food adulteration incidents – in particular, how we identify thresholds for reporting and action when a new adulterant without previously agreed thresholds is discovered.

Views wanted on food brokers factsheet

We want your views on a draft factsheet for helping food brokers understand their obligations under food law – this includes the need to register as a food business – and gives brokers further sources of information. We would also like your views on a draft question and answer document.

Views sought on industry guide to safe production of watercress

The watercress industry, in collaboration with the FSA/FSS, has produced a draft guide on the safe production of watercress. The guide is designed to provide watercress growers with practical advice on how to comply with food hygiene legislation and other considerations for watercress growers.

Views wanted from interested parties on the Food Standards Agency’s Wild Game Guide

We are seeking comments from interested parties on the content and layout of the Food Standards Agency’s Wild Game Guide (WGG). The guidance is intended for use by all interested parties including those who shoot and/or supply wild game and retailers and processors of game meat. The WGG is also designed to help food law enforcement officers carrying out their enforcement duties.

Views wanted on vacuum packing guidance

We are seeking your comments on updated guidance on the safety and shelf-life of vacuum and modified atmosphere packed chilled foods with respect to non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum.

Views wanted on rare burgers advice

The Food Standards Agency is consulting on advice for food businesses and local authority enforcement officers on the safe preparation and service of burgers that are served pink or less than thoroughly cooked.

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