Public attitudes to GM food

The Food Standards Agency has published findings of a qualitative research project commissioned to explore public attitudes to genetic modification (GM).


The work was carried out by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), an independent research organisation, to:

  • explore why people hold particular views on GM food
  • better understand how people’s attitudes to GM food are formed
  • explore how people weigh up the risks and benefits associated with GM food
  • and explore the circumstances in which people change their views

The FSA commissioned this work to complement a series of questions on food technologies, including GM foods, in the British Social Attitudes Survey 2008 (BSA).

The Agency’s social science research is compliant with the Government Social Research service (GSR) Code of Practice and these reports are published with the GSR logo.

Key findings

This research found different levels of understanding about GM food. Attitudes to GM food are complex and the risks and benefits of GM food are weighed up differently depending on the factors that underpin views. More information about the research and its findings can be found in the NatCen report below.

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