Research management and policy

Details about the Agency's research policies, including how we manage research and European research funding.

The FSA commissions research and survey work on a contract basis to develop and support its policies. The projects are managed by FSA staff and the results, including the underpinning data, are published online.

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European research

The European Community funds research in Europe through its Framework Programmes, including work in areas of interest to the Agency.

Framework for sharing data and funding

The Food Standards Agency has agreed a framework setting out the principles and approach it will follow in deciding when and how to use data and funding from industry and non-governmental organisation partners.

Guidelines for undertaking surveys

The Agency's analytical survey guidelines provide guidance on the procedures required for planning and conducting analytical surveys and reporting their results. They are designed to ensure surveys are as consistent, fair and representative as possible, and comply with the principles of openness and transparency.

Science and evidence: publication of underpinning data

Where possible, the underpinning data from science and evidence gathering projects commissioned by the FSA should be made freely available in an accessible format that allows the widest availability for generating added value and enabling re-use.